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Wear Resistant Agent for Shoe Soles

Silicone masterbatch can be directly mixed with resin and molded into granules without causing the screw to slip or precipitate on the surface. In plastic processing, it can be widely used as flow accelerator, anti-caking agent, synergistic flame retardant, lubricant, hydrophobic agent, mold release agent, etc., to improve impact resistance, lubricity, dispersibility, flame retardant and drop resistance, etc. performance.

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 Are you fed up with buying new shoes all the time? Do you wish to provide your clients footwear that can withstand a variety of terrain and climatic conditions? Take a look at our ground-breaking Wear-Resistant Agent for Shoe Soles.

With the help of our product, shoe bottoms will be able to survive even the most rigorous wear and tear. Our Wear-Resistant Agent, which is made from premium materials, efficiently lengthens the useful life of shoes, saving your clients both time and money.

It is a high molecular weight anti-wear agent launched by our company. The molecular weight of this high molecular weight polysiloxane has reached the level of imported products. It breaks through the defect of low molecular weight of domestic polysiloxane in the past, has good dispersion in various shoe materials, and has less influence on the mechanical properties of materials.

It makes the material have good properties such as improving fluidity and mold release. Used on compatible plastic systems, it has obvious lubricating and wear-resistant effects, and can effectively solve the problems of shoe material bubbles, black lines, and poor dispersion. DIN and abrasion, wear marks and other tests are at the leading level in the market.

Our product’s capacity to withstand exposure to severe situations is one of its main advantages. Our Wear-Resistant Agent will keep the bottoms of your shoes safe from harm whether you are walking on uneven ground, in water, or in scalding heat. As a result, your clients won’t have to worry about making expensive repairs or replacing their shoes for a longer period of time.

Our product may also be used on a range of footwear kinds, such as athletic shoes, work boots, and casual shoes, and it is simple to apply. Because of this, it serves as a flexible solution for merchants and shoemakers.

Our wear-resistant agent’s capacity to preserve the look of shoes over time is a fantastic additional advantage. Shoes that are out in the weather can easily become soiled or faded. Our product forms a shield that not only extends durability but also shields against stains and discolouration. Customers may wear their shoes with confidence since they will look excellent wherever the day takes them.

Wear Resistant Agent for Shoe Soles

Advantage: When 3.0-4.0% is added to the thermoplastic resin system, the processability and flow properties of the resin are improved. Including good injection mold filling, reduced extrusion torque, better internal lubricity and mold release performance, and faster output speed;

When added in a proportion of 4.0-5.0%, the surface properties of the product will be improved, the lubricity and sliding properties will be better, the friction coefficient will be reduced, and the wear resistance will be increased;

This product conforms to the national environmental protection requirements, is non-toxic, and can be widely used in products that require environmental protection.

Our Wear-Resistant Agent for Shoe Soles is the answer you’ve been looking for, whether you’re a footwear producer or retailer. Our product is the best option for anybody wishing to provide their consumers high-quality, long-lasting footwear because of its capacity to increase durability, endure severe conditions, preserve appearance, and be used on a range of shoe kinds.

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